Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Christmas Quilt

Title:  The Christmas Quilt (Quilts of Love Series)
Author:  Vannetta Chapman
Pages:  230
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Abingdon Press
Annie has been back in the Amish community for more than two years after receiving her nursing certification.  She is now married to Samuel and she is expecting her first child.  Her best friend, Leah, is also pregnant.  Leah married Annie’s brother on the same day that Annie married Samuel, so they share the same wedding anniversary date.  Leah is having twins.  Annie has decided to make a quilt for Leah for Christmas as the babies are due shortly after Christmas Day.  Annie’s own pregnancy has progressed without complications.  Leah, however, had severe morning sickness and now thinks she is big as a house and unlovable to her husband.  Adam is feeling the pressure to provide for his wife and soon will have two more mouths to feed.  They are barely making ends meet now.  Can this young couple remember why they married in the first place?
As complications develop in Leah’s pregnancy, she is taken to the hospital where she and her unborn babies can be monitored.  It is too early in her pregnancy to deliver the babies.  Annie stays with her all day as Leah waits for the day when the doctors have scheduled her to give birth.  Annie did her nurses training in the same hospital Leah is staying in, so Annie sees some familiar faces.  Annie misses her husband terribly, but puts the needs of Leah first.  Adam calls every night to talk with Leah and comes to realize the three weeks he is separated from his wife has brought him a newfound appreciation for her and brought him a lot closer to God.  He now prays more, reads his Bible more and depends more on God than ever before.  His doubts about fatherhood have lessened a great deal as his trust in God has grown.  There are other romances developing also in the story that may develop into their own stories.
There isn’t a lot that happens besides sewing a quilt and worrying about Leah’s high risk pregnancy.  I did like that both Leah and Annie trusted that God was in control, how they read Scripture and prayed together a lot.  If you like Amish stories, then you will want to read this book.
My rating is 3 stars.
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