Sunday, December 22, 2013

You Can't Hide

Title:  You Can’t Hide
Author:  Wendy Davy
Pages:  168
Year:  2013
Publisher:  White Rose Publishing
This particular suspense thriller is set in contemporary East Coast United States and the country of Columbia.  The two main characters are DEA agent Gage McKenna and librarian Cara Dalton.
Cara Dalton just wanted to surprise her brother by showing up in Columbia to help with his mission trip.  What she got for her trouble was a drug lord wanting her dead.  She didn’t see the murder, but the drug lord thinks she did.  Her brother contacts his partner, Gage, to keep his sister safe while he returns to Columbia to take down the drug lord.  Cara wants no part of being stranded on a barrier island with a grumpy guard.  She soon discovers her brother was not on a missionary trip, but on a DEA mission.  She had no idea what her brother did for a living.  Now, she must deal with a drug lord out to kill her, her brother on a dangerous mission to capture him, and her growing feelings for her guard.  It’s a good thing she knows God has got her future under control.
Gage McKenna is on medical leave after suffering a debilitating injury at the hands of a torturous drug lord, the same one chasing Cara.  He likes his life the way it is…secluded and alone.  Cara disrupts his life, but she also brings him back to the land of the living by opening his heart up to let her in.  Gage will do anything to keep her safe, but how can he when his leg hinders his efforts?  How can God let this happen when all Gage ever wanted to do was help people?  Does God even care about him?  While Gage has to keep constant watch for the drug lord to keep Cara safe, he also must wrestle with his new found feelings for her and his anger at God.
I thought this was a really good story, but it was too short.  Due to the brevity, the characters really didn’t have time to develop and engage readers.  The plot was good and the story flowed well.  There was plenty of action, and a romance as well.  The story could have been so much more satisfying if it were longer.  It seemed everything happened too quickly, and the romance between the two main characters seemed unrealistic in its’ depth to the shortness of their acquaintance.  I did like how Cara was not afraid to share her faith.  I would enjoy reading a full length novel by this author.
My rating is 3.5 stars.
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