Friday, January 10, 2014

Alaska Bride Collection

Title:  The Alaska Brides Collection
Author(s):  Tracie Peterson, Mary Connealy, Cathy Marie Hake, Kathleen Y’Barbo
Pages:  476
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Barbour Publishing
This is a gathering of five novellas by four different authors with each author contributing one story to the collection with the exception of Tracie Peterson who contributed two stories.  None of these stories are newly copyrighted works.  They all are copyrighted 2007 and prior, but I didn’t realize that so I was disappointed when I started reading the first story and discovered I’d already read it!  I’m not a big fan of novellas because I just start to get to know the characters and get involved in the plot and the story is over.  To me, the stories seem not as well-developed and the ending abrupt.
The first three stories take place in the late 1800s, with the third story taking readers into the 1900s.  The fourth story takes place in the 1920s and the fifth story in the 1940s.  Each story follows a budding romance, but before that the story follows the lives and faith challenges the main characters must face.  Whether it be the day-to-day challenges of putting food on the table and surviving the extreme conditions in pioneer Alaska to the death of a spouse, to choosing between a calling and a spouse, to questioning why things happen when they do and what purpose do these events serve.
The fortitude of these women to survive in these extreme conditions was impressive.  It sure made me glad I was not born in any of those times as I’m a big fan of modern conveniences!  Their faith in God was inspiring to read about, but again these stories fell flat for me.  I just didn’t have enough time to connect with these remarkable women before their stories were over and I was on to the next one, not really being finished in my heart with the previous story…I wanted more details.  I will say though that these stories were easy to read and as each story was about 90-95 pages in length, I could read one, put the book down and then when I had time again I could pick the book up not feeling lost in a story.  All-in-all I would say this is just an average read.
My rating is 3 stars.
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