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Lethal Remedy

Title:  Lethal Remedy (Prescription for Trouble #4)
Author:  Richard Mabry
Pages:  293
Year:  2011
Publisher:  Abingdon Press
I’m a big fan of Richard Mabry’s medical suspense books.  This last offering in the Prescription for Trouble Series and it doesn’t disappoint.  The story is set on the familiar Southwestern Medical Center campus in Texas as in prior books.
Sara Miles has a young teenage patient who will die if she doesn’t receive a new experimental drug.  This drug is the only one that has been effective against a certain strain of bacteria.  The only problem is her ex-husband is the doctor in charge of the experimental drug study and she must contact him to get the drug.  They didn’t divorce on the friendliest terms after the death of their infant son.  But Sara puts the interest of her patient first, as all doctors should, and makes the call.  Her patient is admitted to the study, receives the drug and soon afterward is improving and eventually sent home.  However, about a month later, the same teenager presents with paralysis.  Soon it is discovered some of the other patients who had received the experimental drug also are beginning to present with a variety of serious health problems.  Could these various ailments be related to this one experimental drug?
Sara and another infectious disease doctor, who works for her ex-husband, begin to try and find out what is going on with their patients.  Soon two other doctors and a lawyer who practices medicine also join the search.  At every turn, they meet a roadblock and are unable to find out any information.  According to Sara’s ex-husband, Dr. Ingersoll, there are no adverse effects and his drug is 100% effective in curing this particular bacteria strain.  The company sponsoring the drug also refuses to give out any information as the drug hasn’t met FDA approval and is experimental.  Is there more going on at the drug company than they are willing to admit?  Sara and her group’s questions arouse someone’s anger and attempts are made on some members of the group’s lives.  How far will the group go before their fear causes them to stop searching?  Can they find out what causes the drug to react so within certain peoples’ systems?  Is Dr. Ingersoll involved in the cover-up?
As with all his stories, Richard Mabry draws his readers in from the get-go and never lets them go.  The pages will turn quickly as readers speed toward the conclusion.  There were some surprises and twists in the plot that kept me on my toes.  This is a well-written, interesting and exciting series that I highly recommend.  I’m looking forward to Richard’s next book due to be released in the fall of 2013.  Don’t miss out on exciting afternoon of reading these intriguing and suspenseful stories!
My rating is 4 stars.
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