Monday, January 13, 2014

Sabrina's Man by Gilbert Morris

Title:  Sabrina’s Man (Western Justice #2)
Author:  Gilbert Morris
Pages:  313
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Barbour Publishing
This story is the second book in the Western Justice series with the first book being Rosa’s Land.  It begins in 1864 in Arkansas and continues into 1870 for the biggest portion of the book.  The main characters are Waco Smith, a soldier/outlaw/prisoner and Sabrina Warren, a pampered, rich 24-year-old.  There are some supporting characters, but they don’t really add too much to the plot.
Sabrina is always used to getting her way.  Her younger sister, Marianne, falls in love with a shady character and Sabrina tells her to not see him anymore.  Her sister refuses and runs away with the guy.  Sabrina is convinced she is being held against her will and sets off to rescue her.  She learns they are headed for Oklahoma Indian Territory, so that’s where she goes.  She sees the judge in charge of law enforcement for the area and he has no marshals to spare to help Sabrina rescue her sister.  Waco Smith has done a good turn for the prison warden and he is given a conditional pardon for the rest of his jail time if he will help Sabrina retrieve her sister.  Waco agrees as he has a personal grudge against the man who has taken Marianne.  The journey to rescue Marianne begins, but at what cost?
I didn’t like this book at all except for the descriptions of the western scenery.  The story was disjointed, the characters flat and unlikable and the plot unrealistic.  The main female character is a spoiled brat and I didn’t feel her change genuine.  I’ve read other Gilbert Morris books and enjoyed them, but this one for me was not worth reading.  There is a third book in the series titled, Raina’s Choice, due to be released in June 2014.  I will probably give this author another chance to earn my interest by reading this third book because of his other good books.  I can’t recommend this second book, however.
My rating is 2 stars.

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