Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stitch in Crime

Title:  A Stitch in Crime (Quilts of Love Series)
Author:  Cathy Elliott
Story Length:  215
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Abingdon Press
Thea James owns and operates an antique store in Larkindale.  She is also co-chairperson of the town’s first quilt show.  One of her close friends, Mary Alice Wentworth, has agreed to be one of the judges for the show.  The Wentworths have been a leading family in town for generations.  Mary Alice donated one of the family’s valuable quilts to the local museum.  The quilt will be on display for the show as well.  It has long been rumored that the quilt is the key to finding treasure.  At the soiree, an event held just days before the show opens, Mary Alice is injured and her diamond broach comes up missing.  Also, one of the pre-eminent experts in quilts and textiles in the state, who had agreed to attend the soiree, doesn’t show up.
Thea as co-chairperson is left to solve the squabbles and in-fighting among her committees as her other co-chairperson is no help at all.  She is left on her own to make everything run smoothly.  Her best friend also has been treating her in a petty and mean manner, so she is dealing with that relationship on top of her other stress-filled days leading up to the show.
I thought the premise for this story was a good one; however, the execution of the same fell short in my opinion as an avid mystery reader.  The sentences were choppy and disjointed and hard to follow sometimes.  The story was slow moving as well with not a lot of action or suspense.  There wasn’t enough background on the characters to develop any connection with them for me.  I have read other books in this series and enjoyed them, but for me this was not one of my favorites.  I did like some of the witty puns in the story, the Mary Alice’s strong faith and Thea’s relationship with her Uncle Nick, as well as her generosity.
My rating is 3 stars.

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