Friday, September 25, 2015

Where Christ is Present

Title:  Where Christ is Present (A Theology for all Seasons on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation)
Author:  John Warwick Montgomery and others
Pages:  288
Year:  2015
Publisher:  NPR Books
My rating is 4 stars.
When I read the authors impressive lists of accomplishments I sure impressed as well as thinking how the author who also is the editor of these essays, will approach the various topics covered.  John Warwick Montgomery shares a short synopsis of his becoming a Christian and then his journey seeking a home church.  Each essay is written on a topic such as Salvation, Justification, Martin Luther and the Reformation and many more.
Each essay is written by a different author who lists both their primary as well as secondary sources when they wrote the essay.  I hope when approach the book it isn’t to find fault with the various authors standings, any denominations mentioned or conclusions drawn.  However, my hope is that you have your Bible beside you to look up Bible References sited reading g not just a verse or two but the context which surrounds the verses sited.
So you may ask. “Why read the book?”  My answer would be “Why not?”  One of the blessings of reading books written are very thought provoking.  Second, is to expand understanding of other denominations, Luther or even main theological tenets.  Another reason for reading nonfiction books that deal with history or a historical event/person might help bring understanding to the present by understanding the past.
Too often if something is told whether in a causal setting or a formal one no one usually questions or critiques anything.  Therefore when books come along which present information few bother to read, investigate the ideas or even come to their own conclusion.  We need to be challenged so that we can be prepared by the Holy Spirit to share the gospel with others.  We need to be shaken out of our apathy or laziness to go beyond the moment to unearth truth for ourselves.  There is a verse in the Word of God which speaks to what my heart feels more than anything: Love the Lord your God with all of Your Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength.  Frankly it takes work, and with all the electronic gadgets available today we can all become unwilling to put forth effort to grow.
The Bible is the primary and only source of truth, so whatever you read in other books if it doesn’t stand up to the Bible then let it go.  However, if it is in agreement with it then study some more and let the Spirit bring the truth deeper into your heart so it pours out in your life.  What better way is there to become more like Christ and be reflectors who point to the One and Only worthy of our all!

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