Friday, May 25, 2018

The Marshal’s Runaway Witness

Title:  The Marshal’s Runaway Witness

Author:  Diane Burke

Pages:  219

Year:  2015

Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense

My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

US Marshal Dylan McKnight takes his job seriously.  He will do whatever necessary to make sure his witness testifies in a court case involving the head of the state’s mafia crime family.  His witness is the accused’s daughter.  She was slated to testify against him three years ago, but she tricked him and escaped.  That put a serious dent in the court case as well as Dylan’s career.  He thought they had been on the verge of a forever kind of relationship, but now he is determined not to make the same mistake again.  He will keep a professional distance and keep his witness alive no matter what happens.

Angelina Baroni has been in hiding for three years.  She witnessed her father kill someone and wanted to testify at his trial, but saw something in the courthouse that frightened her.  She didn’t know whom to trust, except herself.  Now, the trial, after various setbacks, is ready to begin.  An attempt has been made on her life, and she is back in protective custody.  She begins to understand that Dylan is on the up-and-up and that she made a mistake about him three years ago.  However, she still isn’t sure whether he and his fellow agents can keep her safe until the trial.  More danger awaits them as they try to hide out until the trial, but the men sent by her father always seem to find them.  Has her father really put out a hit on his own daughter?

Looking for something to read at the beach or on the plane?  This will fill the bill.  The writing is easy to read, the chapters fly by and the action is constant.  There is deceit, romance, friendship, fear, anger and many more emotions in the story.  Faith plays an important part in both lives of the main characters, but Angelina’s has faltered over the last three years.  She learns Who she can always trust and how He has never left her alone.  God is on her side and she now has His peace back in her life.  Dylan has remained strong in his faith, even after Angelina left him and his career took a serious hit.  His dependence on God is what gets him through every day. 

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