Friday, August 17, 2018

Yuma Prison Crashout (A Hank Fallow Western #1)

Title:  Yuma Prison Crashout (A Hank Fallow Western #1)

Author:  William W. Johnston with J. A. Johnstone

Pages:  364

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Pinnacle Western

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

What an exciting read!  The author does a masterful job placing the story in a federal penitentiary at a time when prisons were rotten places to be.  The main character is a former law officer, a U.S. Deputy Marshall, now serving 10 years in prison.  To learn why he is in prison, you’ll find the answer in the pages of the book.  Hank Fallon is the man’s name and he is working in the laundry room, ignoring the attempted prison breakout, with all the noise of gunfire and blood.

Hank once had a wife and daughter he adored, but something devasting happened to them that the author keeps readers in suspense about.  The only thing on Hank’s mind is to do his time then go find out what happened to his family and who did it.  He is a changed man now, a hard man.  Due to his heroic deed of saving the warden of the prison from certain demise, he is paroled.  Now he is involved in an organization that seeks to be more recognized than the Pinkertons Agency, but their methods are no where near the same caliber.

If Hank wants to discover what happened to his family, he must do what the men say or die.  There is no other option for Hank.  Next thing he knows he is once again in prison, but in a worse place than before. Now he is in Yuma where staying alive is the number one concern.  But Hank has been sent there on a mission by this organization.  Will he succeed and learn about his past?

The second book in the series is due out soon and you won’t want to miss the exciting adventure and dangers!  So, grab a cool drink, curl up and get lost in the pages of the newest series by the Johnstone family.

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