Friday, September 7, 2018

Title: Trigger Warning Author: William W. Johnstone & J. A. Johnstone

Title:  Trigger Warning

Author:  William W. Johnstone & J. A. Johnstone

Pages:  384

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Pinnacle

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

When I received my copy, I loved the cover!  I am part of the Johnstone book club, which will soon be opening in 2019 to anyone who is interested in signing up.  Then, inside the red star are the words “There are no safe spaces”.  I knew I had to read this book immediately.  So, when I started reading the work of fiction, I almost felt like I was reading from a local newspaper. 

A former military man named Jake Rivers returns to college to get his graduate degree, but what he hasn’t counted on is the change in the college atmosphere.  Being a bright young man and usually knowing who the enemy he is fighting against, he enters the college scene where political correctness is the only acceptable means of any type of speech or behavior.  Those who showed a different opinion like Jake alerted the college professors and other students that he wasn’t going to adhere to their ridiculous rules.  They try several forms of intimidation.  However, the “powers that be” must be careful of their treatment of Jake as they don’t want his grandfather pulling his monetary support of the college.  What begins to happen is so out of left field that Jake feels as though he must soon decide whether to finish his degree, leave, or pursue something different elsewhere.

Readers of thrillers, suspense, military or political themes will really enjoy the action in this engaging book!  Johnstone has out done herself with this story.  People will want to remember that while it is fiction I could easily see it being real on college campuses today.  Those who love America and the fans of Johnstone books won’t want to miss the latest and best coming from the pen of a Johnstone!

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