Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A Secret to Die For

Title:  A Secret to Die For

Author:  Lisa Harris

Pages:  336

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Revell

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

The main character, Grace, is a psychologist who had a client she was convinced was dealing with paranoia.  When he is found dead, there is a business card found in the deceased man’s pocket.  Just when Grace has found a place in her life to start fresh, that is shattered.  On top of that, the detective asking questions is a man who had been her ex-husband’s friend.

What becomes apparent to Detective Nate Quinn is that life isn’t settling down for him.  When his PTSD becomes a problem when he is working, will he be able to help Grace through her trials?  Both Nate and Grace have broken souls, longing to be free of the people who seem intent on making them pay for something they don’t completely understand.  Yet, the ramifications are huge!

Lisa Harris writes a tale that is heart-pounding, with imperfect characters who cling to faith just to breathe.  I always look forward to Lisa’s novels as they delve into areas like PTSD, broken marriages and burying a child after battling a long illness.  While these are hard and heart-wrenching issues in real life, Lisa points to the One who can bring us hope against a background of pain.

The pace of this novel is fast and with never-ending surprise twists in the plot and climactic moments. Grab a copy and enjoy this latest thriller from the pen of an author who isn’t afraid to deal with the harshest and dangerous moments in life, leading readers to see the Light of God still shines all the time!

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