Monday, October 15, 2018

An Amish Homecoming: Four Stories

Title:  An Amish Homecoming:  Four Stories

Author:  Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Shelley Shepard Gray, Kathleen Fuller

Pages:  416

Year:  2018

Publisher:  Zondervan

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Inside this novel are four stories that are fresh, new and written to captivate the heart of readers. The stories are independent of each other, with separate characters and plots.  None of them let the reader get bored or find themselves uninterested.  They are tales that grab the heart as various characters face situations that are difficult.  What will keep them going, facing the future?  Their faith.

Whether from a disaster, poor choice or returning to the Amish community after having been gone for a time, these fictional characters seem lifelike as they wrestle with daily life.  They must make choices as to how to face the challenges, the unknown or even if they can start their life over in a new town.

These four wonderful lady authors are accomplished and know how to entertain their audiences as well as share the theme of faith throughout a book.  I have read some of these authors’ other books and enjoyed them.  I hope you will as well.  There is more to their tales than meets the eye and you’ll find yourself engrossed in the pages so much that time will just fly by!

Here is a good book to share with your club, family, friends and neighbors or frankly anyone who loves to sit and read a good book.  With the holidays around the corner, here is a book that will make a great gift for someone you know or for a surprise gift!  Enjoy!

Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. 

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