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Killing Ground (The Last Gunfighter # 18)


Title:  Killing Ground (The Last Gunfighter # 18)

Author:  William W Johnstone

E-book:  337

Year:  2008

Publisher:  Pinnacle

My rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Frank Morgan is back in Buckskin as the town marshal along with his son, Conrad, and daughter-in-law, Rebel.  Frank’s normal lifestyle has been to go wherever and whenever he wants, hence the moniker, The Drifter.  Frank just gets back into town when trouble greets him via a bullet whizzing close to his head!  When Frank can’t immediately find out the culprit, he resumes his post as marshal, but things don’t stay quiet.

One resident is being hounded by a man named Dex Brighton who claims to own another man’s mine.  When Frank meets this hombre, he sizes up the true measure of Dex but withholds his judgment until the legal standing of the disputed claim is dispatched.

There is even more drama in the story when the lawyer Frank sends for gets injured during a train robbery.  The man who does show up to represent Tip may have bitten off more than he can chew!

Readers will enjoy this novel filled with action, danger, romance, and a few surprises in the plot.  I am reading through the series in order and have found it to be very enjoyable.  I like seeing how the character develops and how he handles various situations and relationships.  Most of all, I get to root for Frank to overcome adversity and those seeking to do harm.

Visit the author’s website where there is a booklist of all the many tales awaiting an audience!

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